The simple and powerful idea that Generosity can change a life has inspired Generous Tuesday. It's a day to kick off the holiday giving season that celebrates enriching the lives of others through Generosity.
Join us in living generously.

By taking the pledge, you are committing to participate in Generous Tuesday and helping us impact 1 million lives by January 1, through the Pure Charity community. We will send you updates and ideas about how to get more involved with Generous Tuesday.

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Our concept of the holiday season has continually evolved. Over time, we've added labels to describe our perception of its meaning and purpose. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. These labels have eroded the true spirit of the holiday giving season: Generosity.

GENEROSITY IS DEFINED AS THE habit of giving without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering talents, money or time to aid someone in need.

Individuals, non-profits, and businesses are coming together to remember what the giving season is truly about, and giving back. They're coming up with inspired ideas and big plans to join in Generosity, and you can too. Tell people what you are doing and why. Generosity inspires Generous Living, and it can spark a movement of transformation.

1 million lives

November 27, 2012 is the beginning of something big.  From Generous Tuesday through the end of the year, with the Pure Charity community, we will impact 1 million lives.

You can sign up with Pure Charity and help us reach that goal, and see the number of lives you've helped impact.

Join Us in Living Generously!

Take the pledge and commit to
participating in Generous Tuesday.

Here are some ideas on how to get involved.
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Individuals / Families

  • 1. Make sure your purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday count by shopping with purpose. An easy way to do this is through the Pure Charity Rewards Network. Get money back on your purchases that you can give to charitable projects on Generous Tuesday!

  • 2. Give a few hours of your time on Generous Tuesday. Maybe it’s some volunteer time in your community, or maybe its even taking out that friend or family member going through a tough time and letting them know you value them.

  • 3. What are you good at? Are you a carpenter or graphic designer? Are you a little sister who is an excellent listener? Lay your talents on the table and see what you can offer someone in need.

  • 4. Go through your finances, and see if there is an amount you could donate to the causes and issues you care about. Maybe you can right now, or maybe you could if you went out to eat a little less for a month. Often we find we are able to give if we look for a way. Pure Charity also gives you an easy way to save up that money, earn more to give and then discover non-profit projects that you are passionate about.

  • 5. Practice some random acts of Generosity! What better way to spread the word about Generous Tuesday than by being Generous? You could fill people's parking meters for them. Setup a free lemonade stand or bring someone a coffee. Rake your neighbor’s leaves or cleanup some graffiti with your school. Just spread the word and BE CREATIVE!

Non-profits / charities

  • 1. Create an event around Generous Tuesday. Partner with local businesses and create an event around Generous Tuesday that your community can easily get involved in that reflects your mission. You can easily create a Project on Pure Charity for Generous Tuesday and spread the word to get funded!

  • 2. Create an awareness campaign for your organization and mission for Generous Tuesday. Find a creative way to let people know how their generosity can change lives.

  • 3. Spread the word through your networks about Generous Tuesday and how people can give to your organization's mission/projects as a participant in Generous Tuesday! Include your own expert insights and ideas on how people can get involved in other causes and other ways.

  • 4. Come up with a list of ways people can express their generosity that relates to your mission. For example, if your organization works with youth, list 5 ways people can help youth on Generous Tuesday through volunteering in their local communities.

  • 5. Partner with local businesses for Generous Tuesday. Create a proposal for local businesses to donate 10% of their November 27 revenue to a project you've created around Generous Tuesday that reflects your mission.

  • *Are you a non-profit that wants to get more involved with Pure Charity? Enter your email and we will send you more ways for your non-profit to engage.


  • 1. Match donations. Encourage your employees to participate through donation matching on Generous Tuesday.

  • 2. Give employees some time off to participate by volunteering and giving their time on Generous Tuesday.

  • 3. Hold a fundraising, food, or clothing drive at your business on Generous Tuesday. Make it fun and competitive for your departments and employees!

  • 4. Reach out to local charities and partner with them on Generous Tuesday events as a sponsor.

  • 5. Give a percentage of revenue away to a non-profit for that day or week.

  • *Are you a business that wants to get more involved with Pure Charity? Enter your email and we will send you more ways for your non-profit to engage.